Where Art Takes Us

I just read a really inspiring post from Patton Oswalt that addressed what steps we can take to fight the new status quo in a helpful, productive way. He recommended tuning your TV to ANYTHING other than the inauguration, and then he recommended supporting small and local struggling arts. It is a beautiful gesture of love and support for anyone that isn't marching or protesting in another way, but wants to.  I loved the idea of art taking our country in the right direction, with or without a crazy person at the steering wheel.

I realized I should release something new on January 20th to give people wanting something else to tune into a Rose Gonzales option. Of course I would love it if you bought my music on iTunes or added it to playlist on Spotify (they even have "Scorch the Earth" with the correct spelling up...finally :D), but you can also find my music on YouTube. I'll post a video of me singing a cover I love tomorrow morning. 

You'll be able to find that here

I think I'll spend the 20th writing lyrics. I can't stand feeling useless right now, and trying to put my angry energy into productive creativity has been helping me prep for Rose Gonzales, Pt. 3. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, friends! Be safe out there, no matter what your plans are!

This picture WOULD be very realistic. Except my work space is almost never that clean ;)

This picture WOULD be very realistic. Except my work space is almost never that clean ;)

2016 Wrap Up!

While my entire Facebook feed has informed me that 2016 was, in fact, the worst year EVER, I hope I look back on it as the beginning of something great. I launched my music out into the world this year. Not all of the world heard it, but I did it. I've sold songs on iTunes. I've streamed music that people actually listen to on a regular basis. That's really awesome! 

It can be easy to look at people successful in the music industry and think that you haven't accomplished anything at all. Ariana Grande is 23 and she's been nominated for 4 Grammy Awards. I just turned 29 and finally have 7 songs up on iTunes. It's not a good comparison.

But the most important comparison is the one to myself. And I have 7 songs released from my first album this year, as compared to 0 songs released from the dream album in my head last year. That feels like a huge accomplishment and I'm really proud of myself. I'm also very excited to have that number increase next year!

In addition to more music, which is always goal #1, this year I hope to have more content up for you here. I have some videos of me singing that I want to get up. I hope to turn this into a weekly blog where I can tell you about my process, my music education, and what led me to music in the first place. I will probably do some live performances this year too, so keep your eyes peeled for dates. However, My first goal for 2017 will be the 3rd part of my album release. But that may take a while. I want to put 5 songs out this time. We'll see if I can make that happen.

One final note here, "Scorth the Earth" is still up on Spotify ;)

Scorth the Earth

I listened to the tracks in Rose Gonzales, Pt. 2 so many times. I wanted to make sure they were perfect.

I double checked each track I uploaded. I had to make sure everything was correct.

After looking at the title "Bullet in Flight" for too long, I had to look the word "bullet" up to make sure I had spelled it correctly.

And yet, it was not careful enough. 

I was up at midnight, waiting to put my music on RoseGonzalesMusic.Com. I uploaded the music, made sure it worked, and then went to iTunes to see if the music was live and available for purchase yet. It was up and available for purchase, but something was not right.

"Scorth the Earth"

"Oh no." I said, to myself, in the dark, at midnight. "Oh no, no, no, no, no, no...."

It was an excellent Shia LeBeouf impersonation, but my heart was beating so fast I thought I might be having a heart attack. I wasn't lying in my last blog post when I said that I don't have a handler, a manager, a PR person, none of those extra, super helpful people. This was all my fault. I immediately took all the music down from iTunes and all the other stores and re-uploaded the music under the proper titles. Double checking, triple checking, quadruple checking the spelling of everything. Sleep was ruined for me. I couldn't get over how much I had messed up.

Of course, the incorrectly titled song didn't come down immediately. iTunes still had the "Scorth the Earth" version for sale well into the morning hours. Luckily, by that time I was able to see the humor in the situation. Anyone that downloaded "Scorth the Earth" would have the ultimate Rose Gonzales easter egg. 

It isn't on iTunes anymore, but you can find it on Spotify under the WRONG title as of this posting on 12/15/2016 :)

Check out "Scorth the Earth" on Spotify here: https://play.spotify.com/artist/6Ohnq2s0m61IuvKyCMfGyo?play=true&utm_source=open.spotify.com&utm_medium=open

Rose Gonzales, Pt. 2

As the second release inches closer, I am going through those normal, horrible, artist fears. Was I critical enough with the editing? Did I do too much? Not enough? Do these songs make sense released together? Will anyone listen far enough to hear "Stand in the Rain" (my favorite song of this release). Will the completely different feel of "Trains" confuse our genre? 

Ultimately I can rely on a certain amount of security by obscurity. I don't have a fancy handler, a PR person, a manager, it's just me and my collaborators. I know my audience is small right now. Sometimes that's a comfort to me. As an extroverted introvert, I have very conflicting feelings about anyone being able to hear my music, which is incredibly personal to me.

What I found after the first music release was a great sense of unease, but also a huge feeling of accomplishment. I don't always know how people will interpret the lyrics I write, or if they understand why I chose to sing a line the way I did. Every time I get feedback about a song being stuck in someone's head, I feel pretty cool. But ultimately, I don't know how my music makes people feel. There are only 3 songs out there.

That's all about to change, the more music that gets out, the better the picture of me as an artist will come together. There are a lot of things I can't wait to share, but generally I'm terrified of so many of my personal feelings and thoughts being shared. I think it's the good kind of terror though, the kind that makes you feel nervous, but in a way that makes you work harder, prepare more completely, and really kick ass.

Enjoy Pt. 2 of my first album, Rose Gonzales.


The First Release

I have so much music I can't wait for you to hear.

I have music that, when it was written, felt like it didn't quite fit the respective music culture. Now I see its relevance all around me.

The first release, Rose Gonzales, happened immediately after the election, and that was intentional. November 18th was the soonest I could get all the pieces together after my collaborator and brother, Jesse Gonzales, sent me a text message with a song lyric I had written years ago. There's nothing like getting a message from yourself (and extremely helpful brother) that your music is relevant. "Leave Them to the Night" (LT2TN) captured my frustrations completely. There were truly no people at the upper levels that cared. And there was no one person to blame. Just like that, the first song we knew we were going to release was chosen.

I wanted to have a few more songs released with "LT2TN", and I had a lot to choose from. There was some updating work to be done, and I wanted to get everything out quickly while the climate was right. I decided on a small first release, to be followed by a Pt. 2 and Pt. 3 release at later dates. The second song in Pt. 1 I wanted to release was "Apocalypse".

"Apocalypse" was a much harder release decision for me because that song feels so personal. I'll go into more specific details in a later blog post, but this was an early collaboration song in my music career. It is also, unfortunately, ringing true. Lines like, "The counter-culture is the culture" and "All you people look the same to me" were supposed to be outdated ideas that died, and this song would go out of date. Now there are discussions of a Muslim registry in the USA? I'm disappointed this song feels so relevant, but glad I have a way to express my anger.

Finally, "Light Speed". The third song in the release. If the other two songs were my most pessimistic, "Light Speed" was the hopeful note I wanted to end on. Evoking David Bowie, science fiction, and themes of deceit, forgiveness, and hope, this song is one of those that you sing at the top of your lungs. 

Thank you so much for listening to my music. Tomorrow I release Pt. 2, and these tracks are amazing! Pt. 1 had a heavier, alt rock feel. The first of my new releases, "Bullet in Flight", is right in line with Pt. 1, but then the songs take a different direction. There is a much more relaxed sound to the other tracks that show another side of my music. We're only 1 day away!