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the E'ville Experience

Needed: 1 Awesome Drummer

I haven’t written on this blog in a long time because the band’s been busy! We started working at a new recording studio, Airship Laboratories. It’s an amazing space with the most supportive team. I’m really excited about recording there and I can’t wait to get back into studio mode. We are officially partnered with Bill Snyder III as our producer for our first EP and his help in and out of the studio has been invaluable. I feel more confident in the music we are working on, and I was feeling really great about the team making the music.

Things come up, though. Life happens, and our drummer had to quit The E’ville Experience. While I’m very discouraged by the loss of a founding member of the band, I am infinitely more encouraged by the resolve and determination my team has shown in moving forward in a positive, healthy way. We are looking at short-term solutions and long-term solutions, but, most importantly, we are looking at this as an opportunity. We are going into the search for a new drummer ready to meet a lot of amazing musicians and find someone that completes the puzzle of our team.

Know a drummer you want to recommend? Are you that drummer? We have an audition coming up to play a gig with us on January 24th. Hit up the “Contact” tab above, send me your info and I’ll send you this:

The E'ville Experience needs a drummer for our gig at Milk Bar SF on 1/24!

We're planning on holding auditions for the gig (and additional studio work potentially) on Thursday, 1/17 from 4:30pm-9:30pm at Soundwave Studios in Oakland

You would need to be available the following dates and times:

1/19 from 3pm-5pm (time is negotiable) for a first rehearsal

1/23 from 4pm-6pm (time is negotiable) for a  second rehearsal

1/24 from 8pm-12am for a 45 minute gig at Milk Bar SF-1840 Haight St SF

We’ll pay $50 an hour for rehearsals, and a flat $150 for the gig 1/24

Email for more information! Find our music at

I’m going to keep moving forward here and make sure that a minor setback remains that way. My band should still feel confident and capable because Nick, Elliott and I are still a pretty formidable team. We love making music and we have some serious goals that we are working towards. We’re going to come out stronger from this and with a better understanding of each other. And we’ll find you, drummer. I know you’re out there, and we’re going to have so much fun some day soon.