Rose Gonzales Music

the E'ville Experience

Recording at Skyline Studio

I've always been proud of my recordings. I love the quality my team managed to achieve, especially considering our set up


I mean, our set up looks fine in pictures, but I'm in a closet in that picture. That closet gets hot and claustrophobic quickly. There's no light inside, so that book light clipped to the board in front of me is the only light I had. And even though we did our best to sound-proof the space, this apartment is next to train tracks. If a take was ruined by a train going by at an important moment, you better believe I RAGED HARDER THAN AGGRETSUKO!


Mixing was another hell completely. My program was so outdated, every now and again an amazing take was ruined by the program lagging. Then it was back to the closet to get another take we could use.

All of that has changed, though. The Ghost Guitarist and myself had been working on "Olivia" for 13 years. We finally had a version we were ready to record, but we wanted the very best for this song. That's why we recorded it at Skyline Studios in Oakland, CA.


What an INCREDIBLE difference! Having a full drum kit mic'd up was so important to me for this song because they're supposed to punch you in the face. Man, do they punch you in the face in the recording! The E'ville Experience got to play all together and feed off of each others' energy, while still maintaining separate tracks to mix later. Now I can't go back.

This was one of my favorite professional music steps I've taken. Thanks for coming with me on the journey!