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the E'ville Experience

The E'ville experience

Formed in Emeryville (E'ville), CA
Only a little nerdy
Mostly E'ville


nick banuelos

Lead Guitar

Nick wanted to learn how to play bass, so he decided it would be easiest to learn guitar first, then transition. His grandpa, Lee Banuelos bought him his first guitar. He abandoned learning bass, as the guitar proved his true passion. Practicing non-stop, Nick is very grateful to his parents for their support, especially when we was a shitty teenager. He also greatly appreciates the good people at Los Cenzontles Mexican Arts Center.

When not playing guitar, Nick can be found working at Amoeba Music in Berkeley, but he is usually playing guitar. His solo work as LAZÆRUS is available on iTunes, Spotify, and Bandcamp. He loves to collaborate, and if you want to message him, click below for his Instagram page!


Elliott blake


Elliott is an Oakland native with a musical background as diverse as the city itself. With a self taught style that ranges from sparse to frenetic, this area bass player and vocalist dips into funk, metal, reggae, jazz, blues, rock and r&b, with  a freestyle psychedelic jam in the back pocket at all times. Besides music, this full time scientist and husband is passionate about politics, culture, travel, and IPA. Feel free to debate, but never de-bass!


Rose Gonzales

Lead Vox

“If I cannot fly, let me sing”

-Stephen Sondheim