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the E'ville Experience

Welcome to the E’ville Experience page! You’re in the right place

We’re a four-member, alternative rock band with a lead vocalist, lead guitarist, bassist, and drummer. We formed in Emeryville, CA, also known as E’ville. That’s what spawned our name, the E’ville Experience. We’re a little nerdy, mostly evil.

Recently, we’ve been spending a lot of time in the studio getting quality audio and video recordings done. We’re working on our EP, and we plan on releasing new videos and recordings all year!

While you wait for our EP, come see us in person! We are very high-energy performers, we love fast-paced music that gets people dancing (check out the music tab to hear our original music). We’ve been seen around the East Bay and SF at places like the Milk Bar (SF), Hotel Utah (SF), and the Fireside Lounge (Alameda).

Come see us. We can’t wait for you to have an E’ville Experience

Shine the brightest
burn out quicker
I’m the one who
sets my dimmer*

    * Excerpt from "Leave Them to the Night"