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Scorth the Earth

I listened to the tracks in Rose Gonzales, Pt. 2 so many times. I wanted to make sure they were perfect.

I double checked each track I uploaded. I had to make sure everything was correct.

After looking at the title "Bullet in Flight" for too long, I had to look the word "bullet" up to make sure I had spelled it correctly.

And yet, it was not careful enough. 

I was up at midnight, waiting to put my music on RoseGonzalesMusic.Com. I uploaded the music, made sure it worked, and then went to iTunes to see if the music was live and available for purchase yet. It was up and available for purchase, but something was not right.

"Scorth the Earth"

"Oh no." I said, to myself, in the dark, at midnight. "Oh no, no, no, no, no, no...."

It was an excellent Shia LeBeouf impersonation, but my heart was beating so fast I thought I might be having a heart attack. I wasn't lying in my last blog post when I said that I don't have a handler, a manager, a PR person, none of those extra, super helpful people. This was all my fault. I immediately took all the music down from iTunes and all the other stores and re-uploaded the music under the proper titles. Double checking, triple checking, quadruple checking the spelling of everything. Sleep was ruined for me. I couldn't get over how much I had messed up.

Of course, the incorrectly titled song didn't come down immediately. iTunes still had the "Scorth the Earth" version for sale well into the morning hours. Luckily, by that time I was able to see the humor in the situation. Anyone that downloaded "Scorth the Earth" would have the ultimate Rose Gonzales easter egg. 

It isn't on iTunes anymore, but you can find it on Spotify under the WRONG title as of this posting on 12/15/2016 :)

Check out "Scorth the Earth" on Spotify here: