Rose Gonzales Music

the E'ville Experience

Rose Gonzales, Pt. 2

As the second release inches closer, I am going through those normal, horrible, artist fears. Was I critical enough with the editing? Did I do too much? Not enough? Do these songs make sense released together? Will anyone listen far enough to hear "Stand in the Rain" (my favorite song of this release). Will the completely different feel of "Trains" confuse our genre? 

Ultimately I can rely on a certain amount of security by obscurity. I don't have a fancy handler, a PR person, a manager, it's just me and my collaborators. I know my audience is small right now. Sometimes that's a comfort to me. As an extroverted introvert, I have very conflicting feelings about anyone being able to hear my music, which is incredibly personal to me.

What I found after the first music release was a great sense of unease, but also a huge feeling of accomplishment. I don't always know how people will interpret the lyrics I write, or if they understand why I chose to sing a line the way I did. Every time I get feedback about a song being stuck in someone's head, I feel pretty cool. But ultimately, I don't know how my music makes people feel. There are only 3 songs out there.

That's all about to change, the more music that gets out, the better the picture of me as an artist will come together. There are a lot of things I can't wait to share, but generally I'm terrified of so many of my personal feelings and thoughts being shared. I think it's the good kind of terror though, the kind that makes you feel nervous, but in a way that makes you work harder, prepare more completely, and really kick ass.

Enjoy Pt. 2 of my first album, Rose Gonzales.