Hi, welcome to my music website! My name is Rose Gonzales and I make music out of E'ville (Emeryville), CA. I have a rock band here called The E'ville Experience. Our music is alternative rock, often dealing with political themes, with lots of grunge and prog rock influences. We like to try different genres of songs in our "mess 'em up, punch 'em in the face with sound" style. My personal music influences include Janis Joplin, Ida Maria, Nirvana, Meg & Dia, Blink-182, and so many others.

I write music and lyrics, but I consider finding the melody and harmonies my personal specialty and what I most like to contribute to a song. I almost always make music with a partner or team. My favorite collaborators are my brother, Jesse Gonzales, who wrote or co-wrote most of my current offerings on this website, and my husband Isaac Wolf, who wrote or co-wrote the rest. We've been working on music together for years, though we only started releasing EPs in 2016. There were 2 released then, Rose Gonzales (3 tracks) and Rose Gonzales Pt. 2 (4 tracks). Both are still up on Spotify, iTunes, most places you can buy or stream music.

While I'm very proud of the music I've released so far, I'm excited to be in a recording studio getting some new songs recorded, and refreshing some of the old recordings. My band is also playing gigs and looking for more. If you're looking for information on how to book the band, check out the "Contact" tab at the top. We'd love to get to know you and your venue! 

Shine the brightest
burn out quicker
Iā€™m the one who
sets my dimmer*

    * Excerpt from "Leave Them to the Night"